PC Repair and Maintenance
It is like having a primary care physician for your PC.
It has been said that time and unforeseen occurrences befall them all. This is certainly the case with our precious, yet fragile computers. Even the best made PC is subject to normal wear and tear and sometimes, accidental damage. At TheraP.C. we know the three A's of PC repair.
1. Affordable - We offer services at prices you can afford. We know your data is valuable and we know the content of your wallet is also. When it comes to repairing broken laptops or desktops, our aim is the build a relationship with you, not just fix your machine. To that end, we also offer maintenance contracts. These contracts are designed to keep your machines running for many years and if they break, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing you already have a capable technician at the ready.
2. Accuracy - What is worse than your laptop or desktop computer being damaged or not working properly? Having someone "fix" it incorrectly. At TheraP.C., we won't waste your time or money. If your computer has a problem, we have the solution. Here are just a few issues we can quickly address to get you back in business in no time:
  • Malware
  • Hard drive failure
  • Broken laptop screen
  • Bad memory
  • Bad video card
  • Broken power supply or contacts
  • aplus logo
  • General slowness or performance issues
  • Software compatibility issues
  • Hardware compatibility issues
  • Broken LCD or monitor
  • Peripheral malfunctions
  • Battery replacement
  • Fan replacements
  • And more
Of course, we guarantee all of our work and honor manufacturer warranties on all their parts.
3. As soon as possible! - When your laptop or PC is not working, hours can feel like days and days can seem like weeks. With our secure remote repair services, we can get you up and running in many cases, the same day. If it is onsite service you prefer, we can come out to your site and make most necessary repairs at a time that is convenient for you. Want us to take your machine, we offer this service as well. We even have a website page that allows you to check the status of your repair.
Contact us today to learn more our about our PC repair services and one of our CompTIA certified technicians will be glad to assist you.
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